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    Feasibility Analysis Using Arcus Cohort Discovery

    How can you decide, more quickly, whether your idea for a study is feasible, given CHOP’s patient population? Arcus has a new solution that gives you more autonomy. Learn more about how you can discover cohorts using Arcus Cohort Discovery!

    Meet the Arcus Library Science Team

    Meet the information scientists who are helping Arcus create exciting new solutions for the organization, preservation, and interconnection of CHOP’s research efforts: our Library Science team!

    Why Archivists and Librarians?

    Why does Arcus have a team of highly-trained archivists and librarians as part of our efforts to create a more nimble, innovative, and interconnected research environment at CHOP? Learn about how the original information science, library science, is revolutionizing the way we work with data at CHOP.

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