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Welcome! Arcus is an initiative of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute that links clinical and research data to accelerate science. Arcus Education provides training and guidance to empower the entire CHOP community.

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Arcus offers a platform, privacy and data training, a data catalog and archive, and more. Our goal is to position scientists to be at the forefront of emerging research trends, including the incentivization of shared data and code, increased emphasis on rigor and reproducibility, and changing statistical priorities. We want to remove the barriers that keep you from doing the rapid, innovative, data-driven research that will advance your career and your science.

In Arcus Education, our ambition is nothing short of transforming the conduct of science. We believe in supporting every scientist to develop new skills in collaborative, innovative, reproducible, and computational research - we believe that every scientist is already a data scientist!

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