Recorded Webinars from “Lab Down? Skill Up!”

These recordings are taken from the “Lab Down? Skill Up!” series of educational interventions for CHOP researchers during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

Thanks for your patience as we gradually work through the recordings, get the best quality version of each one (for the webinars that repeated), edit them, and upload them.

These are presented in order of the recording.

Title + Link Date/Time of Recording Other Dates
Using the R data.table package to analyze large data March 19, 2020 (9 am) N/A
Demystifying Python March 20, 2020 (noon) Also given on March 18 and March 19, 2020
Hello World! Your very first Computer Program March 19, 2020 (3 pm) N/A
Integrating REDCap and Python March 20, 2020 (3 pm) N/A
Demystifying R March 23, 2020 (9 am) N/A
What is Arcus? March 27, 2020 (12 pm) N/A
Python II: Using pandas for tabular data March 24, 2020 (1 pm) This will be given in the future as well
How to Write and Deploy an Interactive Lesson in R for your Group March 30, 2020 (12 pm) N/A
Intro to Using cTAKES March 31, 2020 (9 am) CHOP users only, behind the CHOP firewall
Basic Probability March 31, 2020 (1 pm) Precedes Intro to Bayesian Analysis.
A Theory of Creepy April 1, 2020 (9 am) In the next iteration of this webinar, the author of the original “creepy” article will join us.
Intro to Bayesian Analysis April 1, 2020 (12 pm) Follows Basic Probability in R
Practice SQL on Google Public Datasets April 1, 2020 (3 pm) N/A
Intro to the new NIH Draft Data Management and Sharing Policy and what it will Mean for Researchers April 2, 2020 (1 pm) N/A
Intro to Data Management Principles April 3, 2020 (9 am) N/A
Intro to Unix command-line I April 3, 2020 (3 pm) N/A
Census Data 101 April 8, 2020 (9 am) N/A
Public Data Sources—A Primer April 9, 2020 (9 am) N/A
Spatial Statistics in R April 9, 2020 (12 pm) N/A
Intro to SQL with Clinical Data April 9, 2020 (3 pm) N/A
R Programming April 9, 2020 (3 pm) N/A