Date: Wednesday, May 20
Time: 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm EST
Location: Remote

No technical experience necessary. A little REDCap experience would be helpful but isn’t needed.

Creating your own survey instruments for use in research can be challenging. Wording your questions well, providing appropriate response choices and paying attention to your survey’s visual design can greatly improve the quality of the data you get back. In this session we’ll go through some evidence-based survey question and answer design basics, including easy-to-implement tips and tricks for designing your questions in REDCap.

This webinar "Survey Methodology and Design Overview" is part of the Arcus Education initiative to support the CHOP research community during the temporary lab shutdown.

Join us on BlueJeans:

All are welcome to attend, participate, and share with others. Lindsay Berrigan will lead this session.